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Dynamic Compression Ratio Calculator and Camshaft Selection Utility



A absolute necessity before any camshaft or compression ratio change


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Have you ever wondered how a change in camshaft timing or duration can have dramatic affect on engine power and drivability? The reason is called the Dynamic Compression Ratio.

Our new Camshaft Selection and Dynamic Compression Ratio Utility was designed exclusively to help you choose the absolute best camshaft and compression ratio match. This brand new program can be used by itself or as a complement to our Dyno Software to help get the most out of your engine.

A mild engine with a 'big' cam may have a static compression ratio of 10:1 but only have a dynamic compression ratio of less than 8:1. What you thought would be a high output combination may fall dead on its face and barely run!

Static Compression Ratio: The common but very rough calculation of how much your engine will compress the incoming air/fuel mixture before combustion.

Dynamic Compression Ratio: A very accurate calculation of how much your engine will compress the incoming air/fuel mixture before combustion. The Dynamic Compression Ratio takes the into account the physical construction of your engine (Bore, Stroke, Chamber, Head Gasket and Deck Clearance) combined with the camshaft/valve closing data to calculate compression ratio for your engine while it is in a 'running' (Dynamic) condition


  • Very Easy to Use

  • Helps you Pick the Absolute Best Match of Camshaft and Compression Ratio

  • Can be used as a Stand Alone program or as a Complement to our Dyno Software

  • Visual Graphic Legend of Engine Inputs and Valve Timing Events

  • Instant Download after Purchase

  • Only $19.95 or Free with any Dyno Software purchase


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